We focus on understanding the language of the market using pure price action. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, we believe you could gain a unique insight into mapping market movements.

We will share our analysis on FX, Crypto, Indices and Commodities. As price unfolds during the trading week, the private twitter feed for premium subscribers will be used to update and manage our trade ideas in real time.

The intraweek videos will be for journaling trades taken with detailed explanation behind them and to map out future setups. Whether you want to use this site for analysis purposes or seeking a hands on approach to understanding the markets using price action in real time, we believe you will get what you are seeking. To get a better understanding on how we approach the market, please check out our Youtube channel.

This is not a signal service



  • One outlook video at the end of each trading week for the week ahead. This will usually take place in the form of a live session followed by Q&A.
  • Up to three videos during the week going over trades taken with detailed explanation behind them and future setups going forward.
  • Access to a private twitter feed which will have regular chart setups posted in real time.
  • Regular live sessions throughout the month enabling traders to ask questions, and to cover instruments which may have not been covered.

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