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Users who sign up to this service are accepting the terms and conditions of usage as stated on this website, including any additional agreements between the subscriber and TraderSZ.com which regulate the use of any of the information available.

Subscriptions that are paid for are non-refundable. If a subscriber was to cancel their subscription they are authorised to use TraderSZ.com services until the end of their subscribed month. Thus, any subscriptions paid for in full are non-refundable regardless the timing of the subscription cycle within that business month.

In the case of an error in the subscription process after a payment has been processed, that particular payment for that month will be refunded pending an investigation into the reason for the error. Further to this if there were any technical issues with the subscription that has been paid for in full, this will have to be reported using the contact link and in turn this will be investigated with a refund or similar outcome which will be decided by TraderSZ pending the outcome.

At TraderSZ.com we use STRIPE for online payment, order processing, and order delivery. Billing occurs at the time of or shortly after your transaction. To see how Stripe handles transactions, please read Services agreement (https://stripe.com/gb/legal)

We emphasise that the information obtained from TraderSZ.com website following subscribing is not to be distributed to any third party or individual. All individuals must comply to terms and conditions of TraderSZ.com.

Services provided by TraderSZ are available to all individuals, however the individual must abide by the rules of their country in which they reside, to ensure this service is not breaking their local law or regulation.

All visitors to TraderSZ.com must read through the terms and conditions.

Access to the TraderSZ.com is governed by a unique username and password. The username and password is part of a system which protects the security of the member information and payments area.

No refund will be given if there is evidence that an individual has shared their access information with other users. If an individual is found to have done this, their subscription will be terminated instantly.

TraderSZ reserves the right to terminate your usage of TraderSZ.com at any time, for any reason, with or without cause and without prior notice.

If you no longer wish to register for our service, You may terminate your subscription by using the “account” feature located on the top right corner of the members area.

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